Grounded theory in articles - Business Studies (2011)

O'Reilly, K. & Paper, D. (2011) "Can CRM survive integrating franchisees with a corporate giant?", Journal of Research in Marketing and Entrepreneurship, 13 (1), 47-73.
(Stated by the author, a qualitative approach employing an adaptation of the grounded theory method for data collection, coding, and analysis was used.)

Grounded theory in conference papers - Sociology (2009)

Musselwhite, C.B.A. & Haddad, H. (2009). "Using Grounded Theory to Elicit the Driving Needs of Older People". In: Proceedings of the International conference on Inclusive Design, Royal College of Art, London, UK. 5-8 April 2009.

Situational analysis and grounded theory

This website is about "Situational Analysis", where the author, Prof. Adele E. Clarke, has answered some critical questions about grounded theory. 

Statistics in grounded theory research

People asked questions like "how many interviews should I have?", "how do I know it's saturated?" There are some tips I got that may help you to check your research. They are not rigid rules, but for your references only.
  • The literature review demonstrated that saturation normally occurs between 10 and 30interviews. Although saturation might occur after the tenth interview, it is good practiceto test the level of saturation by conducting a few more interviews. ... Thus, it would be wise to anticipate 30 interviews in order to facilitate pattern, category, and dimension growth and saturation. It is only through the quality of the data that meaningful and valid results are developed, so it is essential that the researcher ensure that saturation has occurred (Thomson, 2011, p.50).
  • Saturation is achieved when one has conducted between 25 and 30 interviews (Suddaby, 2006).
  • 10-15 minutes to 40 minutes interview will reach theoretical saturation (Wuest, 2007).
  • Do not put red and green slices next to each other, because 5% of population cannot distinguish red from green. (Fink, 2003, p.9).
  • A 40 minutes interview may take you 2 days to transcribe. One hour interview will be transcribed into about 15 pages text.

Grounded Theory in German Teaching Resources

Phil. Anja Hartung (2009). Research seminar: media and Age - Grounded Theory. Otto von Guericke - Universität Magdeburg.

Wolfgang Ruge (2009). Grounded Theory. In the research seminar "Age and the Media" by Dr. Phil. Anja Hartung summer semester 2009. Otto von Guericke - Universität Magdeburg.

Grounded theory design - Self-Assessment

This website provides additional information for users of Educational Research: Planning, Conducting, and Evaluating Quantitative and Qualitative Research, Second Edition, by John W. Creswell. The Chapter 14 is about Grounded Theory Design. It may be limited to access, but the Self-Assessment section is accessible and may be useful for researchers.

Grounded theory in conference papers - Computer Science (2011)

Halaweh, M. (2011). "Application of Grounded Theory Method in Information Systems Research: Methodological and Practical Issues". Presented at: European, Mediterranean & Middle Eastern Conference on Information Systems 2011 (EMCIS2011), May 30-31 2011, Athens, Greece.

Ortiz, J.A. (2011). "A Grounded Theory Approach to Understanding Mu-Fi Interventions on the Digital Divide". In: Proceedings of the 16th Americas Conference on Information Systems, August 13-16, 2011, Lima, Peru. 16 (5). pp.3727-3736.